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Custom outdoor Christmas lights installation

Is this stealing your Christmas?

Don’t you hate it when your neighbors already have their Christmas lights on, and the guy you found on Craigslist last year won’t answer your calls?

Or you planned to do everything as a family, but with so many things piling up before Christmas there’s just no time!

Your Christmas should be Merry, right?

Our promise

Merry Christmas!

Ryan here, and I am proud to say I have the best job in the world! There’s nothing quite like the joy and magic that Christmas brings, and I love helping my clients spread that feeling to their friends and families.

At Christmas, my team and I take great pride in our work. Me and my general manager have over 12 years combined experience in this industry. It is our only job. We don’t offer any other services. We truly are Christmas Light Professionals. One of us is onsite for every new installation to make sure the job is done perfectly the first time, and make sure your vision comes to life. We take all the hassle and stress out of Christmas for you, so you can enjoy this time with your family.

Let’s work together to make your holidays brighter this season! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Ryan from Austin Custom Christmas Lights installation company

How we work

Fill out request for quote or call to schedule installation

A design consultant will call you back to discuss your Custom Christmas Lighting needs. We can typically start the quote process using Google Earth and provided images. We will make design suggestions make your house look great this year. Depending on the scope, we often meet in person to discuss plans.

We provide and install everything

We take care of everything you need - we provide lights and installation materials. Our trained Holiday Light Installers will install in a safe, timely, and professional manner.

Maintenance and fix its within 24 hours

A great many things can happen to outdoor Christmas Lights. We've seen them all. If there are any issues with the lights throughout the season, we will come out to asses and fix within 24 hours.

Takedown and Storage in January

After the holidays, we will come and takedown the lights. We leave your property just as we found it, and store the lights until next year. This is all included in the upfront, one-time price

What your neighbors say

Ben Barton Hills
2 years ago
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Best company we've ever used! We've moved a few times over the past few years, and we always hire people to do our Christmas lights because I don't do heights. Austin Custom Christmas Lights is the 4th company we've used, and they are BY FAR the best company we've ever had! We talked to Ryan who quickly responded with a detailed estimate outlining several options and prices. They came when they said they would, and did exactly what they promised, which is hard to find these days!. Our house was the best looking in the neighborhood, and I'm pretty sure all of our neighbors will be using Ryan and his team this year. Would recommend these guys to anyone. Wish I had better pictures, but trust me our house looked awesome and these guys are pros!
Clint Buckley
Clint Buckley
November 9, 2021
Read More
They were extremely professional, punctual and took the time to explain options to me. They really knows their stuff and have been doing this for a while, and it shows! Great work, can’t recommend Austin Custom Christmas Lights enough!! Thanks!
jonathan keane
jonathan keane
a year ago
Read More
Listen, anyone can hire landscapers to put cheap lights up. Ryan provided us with a beautiful color combination for our dealership and we are so happy with the results. If you want service and quality with lights and service that last call Ryan! Thank you from team Volkswagen!
Jessica Bresler
2 years ago
Read More
Ryan did a great job putting up our 2020 Christmas lights in a timely and professional manner. Highly recommend his service and will be using him again this year!
Ryan Graney
11 months ago
Read More
Ryan was incredibly responsive, showed up on time, and did a great job installing everything. I’ve never had a company install lights at my house before, and Ryan took the time to walk me through the process, which made everything very easy. I’m really happy with the end product, and I’ll definitely be using Austin Custom Christmas lights again!
Joanna Zetah Bartz
Joanna Zetah Bartz
2 years ago
Read More
Friendly, fast and easy Christmas lights! I highly recommend.
Preston Plachy
2 years ago
Read More
We told these guys we wanted blue and white Christmas lights installed to match our new house. These guys came out the next day and did just that. Looking forward to another year with them
Sarah Martin
a year ago
Read More
After buying a two story house, my husband and I decided we were no longer going to put up lights ourselves. I originally got a quote for Christmas lights on our house from a larger Austin company and we were astonished at the quote. Ryan had placed flyers on each door of our neighborhood advertising his company so I emailed him to see what he could do for a price we thought was reasonable and Ryan described a few options and included drawings, as well as offering a discount for early installation. After selecting our choice, Ryan installed our lights in a few hours and came by to relaxed any lights that were out without us asking him too. I already know we’ll use him next year and you should too!
R J.E.
11 months ago
Read More
Excellent service! We switched to these guys from another company and couldn’t be happier! They do a great job and are able to work through any additions/changes on site for the perfect custom fit.
Heather Chargois
Heather Chargois
2 years ago
Read More
We loved our lights! We had a tough time getting on the schedule with another company. We called Ryan, and got on the schedule the next day. Lights looked perfect, install and takedown were a breeze.
Nolan W.
Nolan W.
a year ago
Read More
These guys were super easy to deal with and i already have them booked for next year! 🙂
Kustom Kollette
10 months ago
Read More
Overall great service, love the work done my home is absolutely stunning!!
Cara Forsyth
Cara Forsyth
10 months ago
Read More
Excellent! Responsive and professional. Really happy with the results.
Katie Chesley
Katie Chesley
2 years ago
Read More
These guys were rock stars last year! Already reserved my spot for this year.

Pricing examples

Here are some examples of prices for Christmas lights installations and decorations in Austin.

Roofline lights

Starts from $500
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Front roofline, wreath, and some trees/bushes

$500 - $1500
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Large roofline and a big tree

$1500 - $2000
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Large house and big trees

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Gallery (Our Work)

Why Us?

We make you stand out
Our passion for what we do, our expertise and commitment makes our work stand out. 

We make it personal
Christmas is important to you and your family. We provide personable and attentive service, so that you enjoy the process as much as we do.

We are the experts
We only do Christmas lights installation, nothing else. We know that you need professionals, someone you can trust.

We are available
Most installations can be done within a week from our first conversation.

We take care of everything
Our customers don’t touch a thing, or buy anything themselves. We do everything for you.

We are local
Austin Custom Christmas Lights only works in Austin, so we are always here, ready to come to your place for installation and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do we get in contact with you for a quote?

If you’re looking to get a quote started, fill out our intake form at the bottom of this page. We will give you a call back that day.

Feel free to email, call, or text with any other questions! We will reply 7 days/week.

Email – info@atxcustomchristmaslights.com

Phone – 737-210-1911

You want to make sure they are actually a Christmas Lighting Company! We’ve all heard the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. This is especially true in Christmas Lights.

It seems just about every painter, window cleaner, pest control man, handy man etc. has given Christmas Light Installation a try, and most of them stop after one year. It’s a far more complicated and time consuming task than most assume heading in. About 20% of my calls every year are something to the extent of “we paid this guy to do our lights last year and we had all sort of problems and never heard from him again. He isn’t answering this year.”

I assure you, we are THE Christmas Light Professionals in town. We don’t offer any other services, this is what we do, and we do it well. My partner and I have been doing this for over 12 combined years, and one of us will be on site for every new installation.

We install lights around the greater Austin area
Here are the neighborhoods where do a lot of our installs :

  • Rollingwood
  • West Lake Hills
  • Westlake
  • Tarrytown
  • Lake Travis
  • Eason Park
  • Avana
  • BelTerra
  • Sweetwater
  • Rough Hollow

Lights Installation

What kind of installations you offer?

We do the following jobs:

  • Roofline lights (most popular) – Front of House or Full House
  • Tree Wrap – Full coverage or trunk wraps
  • Drop Trees – Cascading lights from the branches
  • Stake Lights
  • Wreaths
  • Garland

No, you don’t need to worry about anything at all. We will bring with us everything that is needed.

All maintenance is included in the upfront cost. We will come out and get the lights fixed at no additional cost. We are Christmas Lighting Professionals, and make sure every install is perfect when we leave.

However, sometimes things happen we can’t control. Trees lose branches, squirrels chew the line, angry neighbors cut your lines because they’re jealous of how great your house looks, windstorms blow things off the roof. Things happen throughout the season that require attention.

Barring massive weather events, we will be out within 24 hours to maintain the lights and get things running again.

Prices and Payments

How much does it cost?

This depends on your needs. Our minimum is $500, but most customers spend about $800 to $2,000 on holiday lighting each year. Prices can vary quite a bit depending on the scope of the project.

The following years have up to 20% discount for early booking. We start installing in October. We hang the lights and leave them unplugged until Nov.

Remember, lights are a commodity, meaning if we put twice as many lights on your house, business, or tree, the cost would double.

We charge per foot of light installed on the roof and eves. This is why we need your address. We can measure using satellite imaging often. I promise we won’t be mailing you anything.

If you want to keep the price down, we recommend sticking to the front of your house, and not doing all sides of your home.

If you’re in a one or two story home in a standard neighborhood, you’ll most likely be looking at between $500-800 for front of house roofline the whole season.

Larger homes, and full 360 coverage will increase your cost.

We charge per strand of light installed on trees and bushes. This is why we need a picture of your trees to get the quote princess started.

We would love to wrap your entire 100 year old oak tree. Trees of that size take a lot of strands and can cost thousands of dollars.

If you want to include trees, smaller trees and trunk wraps are always more affordable.

Don't See The Answer You Need? Contact us

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Experienced professional light decorators for Christmas in Austin will take care of all your custom Christmas lighting needs.

We will be your outdoor christmas lights installers. Call to ask about outdoor holiday lights, and check what is the price and how much it costs to hang Christmas lights.

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